just an illusion

the way out is through

name : lisa, lyssa, pandora, raighn, cgprincess, miesche, sevein, alice
birth date : september 28
astrological sign : sun : libra / moon : leo
birthplace : el paso, tx
location : gilbert, az
occupation : vendor manager @ dhl
addictions: love, mister blade, computers, games, crafts, spending money, caffeine, technology
colors : black, pink, blue, anything rich and beautiful
foods : sushi, ice cream, paneng, pho
drinks : coffee, thai ice tea, boba tea, blue moon
movies : the matrix, constantine, john wick, james bond, alice in wonderland
tv shows : firefly, supernatural, house m.d., once upon a time, fringe, continuum
musicians : nine inch nails, a perfect circle, wumpscut, tool, god module, combichrist, suicide commando, necessary response
authors : merrit malloy, thomas disch, jim butcher, kim harrison, anne bishop, diana rowland, ilona andrews, andrzej sapkowski, richard kadrey
tablet : ipad mini
mobile : nexus 6
car : 2013 vw jetta tdi
camera : nikon 7100
laptop : alienware m13x
pc master race : i7 2600k @ 3.4ghz, 8gb ram, nvidia 970

what i'm all about

i have my flaws, i have my strengths.

  • i don't trust easily but when i do, im all in.
  • i love crafting and creating.
  • i consume books at a steady rate, every day
  • i struggle with depression, but most days are good.
  • i'm always plugged in, all my vices are devices.
  • i've been a girl gamer since i was 10.

loves in my heart

i wouldn't be where i am now if it weren't for love. love can be an addiction, but love is also a healer of the deepest wounds.

love of my life

my husband, jason, is my rock. he's saved me from myself more times than i can count. he loves me unconditionally and he's never given up on me. i love him more than anything else in this world.

the furriest bestie

it's hard to believe how much our cat, Kael, has improved my life. he seems to know when i'm not feeling well and cuddles nearby when i need him.

my loving friends

friends have come and gone, but the ones who have stuck around through everything are the ones you can call your true friends.

places to meander

the internet is a vast and beautiful place. explore it.